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New talk image

New talk image


Colossalcon 2014: Saturday - Homestuck Photo Shoot


Me (red jacket)

Page of Breath

By the way, if anyone else had taken pics of us let either of us know. We’d like to see some of the pics taken during the photo shoot or sometime during the con.

I still got called Eridan, lol

Hiya! Were you the lovely neighbor that brought room 6609 pokeball jello shots in exchange for temporary tattoos? If so, I wanted to thank you again for them! I had seen the recipe on tumblr just days before and was so happy and surprised to be gifted one! They were delicious!

Oh howdy!

That was me! I had totally forgot about the temp tattoo until I went to the hospital a few days later and my mom saw it. I’m glad you liked them!

Ravestuck Jane

I had a ton of fun at Colossacon! I got loads of compliments on my fantroll cosplay, and someone pulled me from the rave to tell me I was the best Jane they had seen all con.

I’m looking for the picture on me in my Ravestuck Jane cosplay from Saturday! Does anyone have it?

Kathix Molcae



For Ohayocon 2015

So… what if I proposed Medievalstuck for Ohayocon, canon and fan characters alike? Think of the outfits. The dresses and tunics for Derse/Prospit, the different ways to do God Tiers, the creativity!

Leevii sprites for a friend

Leevii sprites for a friend

haha, what.

haha, what.

I just now realized

That the Beta kid’s shirts tied into their role/events in the Medium.

John - The green slime on his shirt references Slimer from Ghostbusters, but it could also represent two other things. It could reference Ectobiology, and the green paradox slime that comes with it. Or, if could also reference his Denizen, Typheus, who, if he looks like his minions, is a giant green worm.

Jade - Jade’s shirts were always changing, but most, if not all of them, matched with something to do with Sburb. This could be a coincidence, or due to her seeing visions in the clouds around Skaia. Her most common shirt, the Atom shirt, ties in with matter / creation, which in turn ties in with her aspect, Space. Her dog shirt represents Bec, the radioactive shirt could reference the Green Sun, etc and so forth.

Rose - Rose’s shirt represents the Horrorterrors, and eventually, her going Grim Dark. Since it was originally a Squiddles shirt, that could represent the mysterious 48 player session hinted at by Andrew Hussie (previously on his Formspring), and that the players of that became the creatures of the Furthest Ring.

Dave - The Record shirt ties in both with the Scratch construct on his planet, as well with his Timetables. A common trait shared between the shirt and construct is that in his strife with Bro, Bro ‘scratched’ Dave’s shirt, turning it into the Broken Record Shirt. Bro also is the one who attempted to start the Scratch, which when completed, caused Beat Mesa to resemble Dave’s shirt.